Hello Earthlings...

Thank you all for taking the time to check out this website. I hope everyone enjoys the fancy fonts, colourful photos and things that spin around. One day I will have the machine that goes "bing".

As of this writing, I have decided that teaching is more my life path than trying to "make it" as a performer. I am not quitting music; if anything, I feel more creative than ever. Having said that, I am in no rush to record new music. It has to happen naturally, or else it will come out forced and contrived. And you wouldn't want that, right???

I've been a guitar teacher for almost 24 years and very recently did I wake up to the notion that it was my niche after all of this time. Performing hasn't excited me for quite some time. I never went through the motions; if anything, I always rose to the challenge and nobody can dispute that I gave 200% on stage. But it was time to walk away and concentrate on inspiring students to achieve their goals and dreams. It's a truly rewarding experience.

But please enjoy this site, check out the audio and videos, and feel free to drop me an email: steviehimself@aol.com

Enjoy and don't hurt yourself.

Steve Bello (Ramsey, NJ)


    New interview on Guitar Tales With David Cohen
Filmed 6.12.19 at Riverview Studios (Bordentown, NJ)
    New video featuring all four of my signature pedals by Checkered Pedals (descriptions in video)
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