Hello Earthlings...

Thank you all for taking the time to check out this website. I hope everyone enjoys the fancy fonts, colourful photos and things that spin around. One day I will have the machine that goes "bing".

I recently attended the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA and as you can tell from the pics above, I had a blast! Was great that Ibanez wanted me there, truly a very validating feeling. Got to re-connect with friends, make new ones, do some networking, even had a couple of surprises thrown at me. But while all of this was awesome, I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed and back to teaching. That is where I truly belong. Think I got the last bit of "guitar god" out of my system...

Please enjoy this site, check out the audio and videos, and feel free to drop me an email: steviehimself@aol.com

Enjoy and don't hurt yourself.

Steve Bello (Ramsey, NJ)


    New interview on Guitar Tales With David Cohen
Filmed 6.12.19 at Riverview Studios (Bordentown, NJ)
    New video featuring all four of my signature pedals by Checkered Pedals (descriptions in video)
Collage of pics from my recent trip to Anaheim for NAMM 2020! (I wanted to add one of my songs but couldn't, so found this 80s-sounding music courtesy of Wix.) Enjoy!
Interview conducted by The Matty Rocks Experience on the second day of NAMM 2020. You can tell I was wiped out  already but had the time of my life...
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